YA Writing

They Just Had to Say It

Got up early this morning and started writing but not on my PB book. I started writing the intro I’ve been meaning to start for my MG (middle-grade) series, Halle Harris and the Truth Seekers. Halle is a young, inquisitive and stubborn 12-year-old-going-on-mature and she has a problem. It’s going to get resolved of course but I had to allow her and her best friend Olympia to tell me about it this morning. Sometimes characters wake you up and make you listen. this was one of those times.

I also heard from my other protaganist in my chapter book series Delsa Dearheart. She had to tell me about her experience starting school. She’s going to be a writer someday…when she learns how to write. 

Anyway, I was in the middle of dying my hair (now my hands are blotchy and my favorite nightgown looks like it’s polka dot). But I did my duty and listened and now that I’ve heard from them both, I’m glad I did.

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