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Just Because…

I’ve decided that it’s time for me to add a new category to my blog postings and I am calling it Just Because. That way I can talk about anything that I want to…just because I want to talk about it. So, today’s Just Because post is about old movies.

Yes, I am a BIG fan of old movies. I mean OLD, like 1930s and 1940s old. I love them and I am not ashamed. My addiction started when I was about five years old. That was in the early 60s when my mom stayed at home, made biscuits and watched me until I was old enough to go to school. We’d make those biscuits watching actresses like Bette Davis, Myrna Loy, and Rosalind Russell (ever heard of any of them?) Well, anyway, we had just gotten our first TV. It was black and white of course, with very few channels.

The first show I ever saw on television was a comedy: the Three Stooges. Sadly, the first tragedy I ever saw was the funeral of President John Kennedy. I remember seeing John Jr. saluting as the soldiers walked by, which is an image that was shown over and over for decades.

We also watched cowboys, gangsters and even a few silent movies, but the reason I love the old ones is two-fold: 1) they were black and white and to me, the shadows and light were used much more dramatically to set the scenes, and 2) the actors ACTUALLY acted; they had talent and could transform themselves into whatever or whoever the role demanded. Very few can do that today. Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks no matter what he’s in (I will give him some credit for Forrest Gump but that’s about it). I’d say only Meryl Streep has the ability to really change on the screen. The rest of them have a lot to learn from old movie actors.

The movies back then were a lot more wholesome too. Except the Cagney and Edward G. Robinson ones.  I mean, in general  the only questionable things they in most movies was smoke a lot, but rarely did they curse or promote lewdness (Okay, during the early 30s before the codes they were pretty wild, but between the late 30s and mid-40s the movies were relatively tame, and I liked that.)

I rarely go to the movies these days, too much violence and weirdness for me. Guess I’m old school, but that’s who I am. Why? Just because.

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