YA Writing

Why I love my rejection letter

Yes I said it. I love my rejection letter. Not just because it is my first rejection letter for my first MG novel, but because I actually RECEIVED a letter. Some authors agonize over never hearing from the object of their desire. Others hear only words that spurn their affections. But I. I not only received a letter, I also received a few kind words. That, my friends, makes it all worthwhile.

Let me say that I am not a sadist. I don’t want to be turned away like some uninvited guest. I want to join the party just like everyone else. The thing is, this letter gave me hope that one day I might get in. Maybe with some extra effort and a little more ingenuity. With tenacity and thick skin. With determination and hope. Yes I can —  join the ranks of the traditionally published.

Aside from the kind words, my rejection letter showed me that it’s not easy — and even though everyone says that, we all think we are that ‘one in a million’ author; of course, whether our work merits that distinction is in the eye of the receiver. My rejection letter showed me that someone is out there watching and possibly waiting. That somewhere, I will find my heart’s desire (maybe she’s pounding away at the keyboard from her high-rise in Manhattan, or he’s working feverishly out of a modest rental in LA) but wherever he or she is, our paths will meet and we will join forces to open up new horizons for the middle-schoolers of the world!

Maybe, the next time.

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