YA Writing

Paying Dues

It’s been several years since I started this blog (and others) and today I have decided to consolidate and upgrade based on my current experience. I’ve paid my dues.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I still have lots to learn in the traditional pub game, but I can say that I’ve also paid some dues. I started out thinking I knew it all; that since I had a journalism background this kid writing thing would be easy. NOT. I had to read books on writing, sit in on writing courses, join writing groups and do a lot of listening.

I teamed up with crit partners and we shared what we learned. I watched other writers’ journeys and took copious notes. I shaped and reshaped my approach. I even changed genres until I found the one in which I felt most comfortable expressing myself.

I say all this to say that now I finally feel I am getting there. Not there yet, but getting there. I am an author.

So I am changing the subtitle of this blog to reflect my writing focus as well as to move further into my craft while sharing what I continue to learn with you.

All that said, I am gearing my writing toward YA historical with a focus on untold stories from a black as well as white perspective. Being biracial, I am also an #ownvoices writer and intend to explore more avenues that will allow me to bring out the unique experiences of my heritage.

I hope you will enjoy the posts which will include craft, websites, updates and rantings as usual.

Thanks for sticking and staying; there is a lot more to come!

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