YA Writing

Uncovering the Past

I wanted to take a moment to explain the photos that will appear on my blog from time to time.

One thing you should know about me is that I am a huge fan of the past – particularly the 1900-1945. In my writing I want to explore the experiences of those who lived during those times and reimagine it. My most recent manuscript is set in the ’60s, and I have another on tap for the 70s, but after that I’m going way back and capture the days depicted in the photos.

To me, these photos showcase an era of which many are not familiar. Maybe your idea of ‘colored’ people during that time was limited to cotton fields or other menial work that took place down south. My photos  feature a variety of settings you may never have imagined when you think of African Americans from the past. One photo was taken in Chicago at the Savoy Ballroom in 1941 where middle class and well-groomed teens are skating — in suits!  It’s just another example of how a lack of knowledge and our own misconceptions can prevent us from really knowing our history.

Through my writing, I intend to create stories around such situations in history in order to bring to the fore the lives of unknown people of color as I discover them for myself. Stay tuned!

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