YA Writing

Agents Need Love Too

In today’s blog I want to take some time out to thank all the agents I have ever interacted with on this writing journey. While none of them represent me, I think it’s important to acknowledge their influence on my progress and the let them know I truly appreciate the time they took to inch me along a little further:

Gordon Warnock – I had self-published a non-fiction book that Gordon critiqued at Atlanta Writers Conference. My first time meeting an agent. He hated the book! LOL. But all my readers loved it so there you go. Suffice it to say I wrote two more and then moved into fiction. But don’t hesitate to query Gordon; he has a good eye for what sells.

Heather Alexander – I also met Heather at the Atlanta Writers Conference when I was writing MG. She was one of the first agents (now an editor) to review my work. She had some good suggestions and I took her advice. Check out her editorial services at 

Brooks Sherman – Yep, you guessed it, I met Brooks at AWC. He critiqued another MG I had written and gave me specifics on my approach to chapter one. I changed it. Brooks is also accessible on Twitter and willing to answer questions. He is now with Janklow & Nesbit and is the agent behind the wildly successful Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. A real winner.

Jennifer Laughran – I cannot say enough about Jennifer. No, I did not meet her in person but sent her an MG that she critiqued during a Writer’s Digest online workshop. I must say that Jennifer’s enthusiasm for the book was encouraging but in the end it really was not ready. Subsequent emails with Jennifer were also encouraging and she ALWAYS took time to personally respond. A rare quality in an agent since they are very busy. She’s tops!

Victoria Selvaggio – Victoria did what most agents don’t: She sent me a l-o-n-g response to a rhyming picture book I sent to her (yes I had to experiment with all the genres before I landed on YA). I truly appreciated her comments, suggestions and humility. She may never rep me either, but she will also have a special place in my writing heart because as I always say, ‘encouragement is the opium of the writer.’

Connor Goldsmith – I met Connor at AWC too, when his agency was Foreward Lit. It was a panel of really cool agents and it was fun listening to them banter back and forth. But Connor is special for a book he wrote for Fuse, his current agency (they just changed their name). It was the first book I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot of writing books) that explained in simple terms a lot of plot issues I’d been struggling with. You can get it here for 99 cents. The Short Fuse Guide to Plotting Your Novel.

Peter Knapp – I’ve never met Peter but he also critiqued some pages for me and made a suggestion for my current ms that was very helpful. He’s a nice guy too.

That’s wraps it up. I hope that you take the time to query one of these agents and have the same positive experience that I did. And I think you will. They work hard so three cheers these folks!



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