On My Way

As a writer I am proud to say that I am on my way. Where? To being a good writer, a full-fledged author. No, I didn’t land an agent and no I don’t have a publisher. This is much more exciting than that.  Let me explain.

There comes a time when you reach a point in any journey that certain things become clear. For me that time has come in my writing trek. It’s hard to break it down but I’ll try.

My journey began like so many others, writing as a kid in school, writing for the college paper, writing freelance articles for the local newspaper. From there you write short stories and poems mainly for you own enjoyment and maybe you allow others to read them just to see if you ‘have something.’

Soon you write your first novel or non-fiction book and you feel so accomplished, but years later after you’ve taken tons of writing courses, interacted with critique partners and sent out a myriad of queries, you pull out that first novel and laugh at how inexperienced you were — and it shows right there on the printed page. It seems juvenile and trite. You can recognize it now because you’ve advanced so much in your quest, your work is so much better. You’re able to tackle a manuscript with a lot more confidence because you finally know what you’re doing.

However, being on my way is much more than that — it’s when professional writers, agents and editors confirm your progress. Now you don’t just get a rejection letter you get quality feedback.

You finally understand when you read other’s work why they took a particular approach; how they developed an idea or foreshadowed an event. You can see it because you know what to look for, and what’s more, you know how to do it.

I’ve been privileged to work with so many talented writers, book editors and consultants that I could not possibly name them all. Now I feel so much more ready to go out there and present my books to the readership world.

I’ll continue to learn and read and grow, but I’m on my way; I finally get it. Keep at it and you’ll be on your way, too.

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